Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Meredith and I have been walking every day this week at least once a day and have been more then once several days. I has been incredibly nice this week. I took a few pictures yesterday while we were at the park. We stopped by the pool to stick out feet in well really only i stuck my feet in but we wanted to know how cold it was so we can think about using it here soon! That is if they ever clean it. Right now i would not go in even if it was warm enough. We also have planted vines along the back fence and have been helping Daddy stain the TV cabinet! All this outside time should be helping make Meredith more tired for her naps but it seems to be doing the opposite. oh well. At least she is happy to be outside!


Becky said...

Miss Meredith, who gave you that purple hat? It's adorable!

Mollie said...

Becky~your Mom made the hat for her.