Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Daddy Built Me...

...The nicest, cutest, and most beautiful bunk beds EVER! Just imagine them in blue! Mama and Daddy said they will paint them blue for me!

From Meredith Jane 3 Years

I am thrilled to have bunk beds! I hope to be sharing the bottom bunk with special people in my life in the next few months and then Theo will join me on the bottom bunk and eventually when Emmaline is big enough we will have a girls only room! I slept on the bottom bunk last night and Mama says That I might be allowed to sleep on the top bunk in a few nights. Something about wanting to make sure I don't figure out a way to fall out. Mama you worry to much! I am careful!

I even am willing to share the spotlight with Theo!
From Meredith Jane 3 Years


Becky said...

So adorable!

Love, Auntie Becky

Aunt Jennifer said...

i never had bunk beds growing up. very jealous! have fun and be careful! =)

love you!

Grandma Stavenger said...

Your new bed is SO COOL!!! But I think Grandma will choose the air bed when I come soon.

English said...

Your carpenter is AWESOME! That is one cool set of bunk beds :)I'm sure you love them!