Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm one year old!

It's official! I am one year old as of yesterday.

My Mama must be the bestest in the world because she invited over all of my bestest friends. We had a blast playing with all of my toys! Wow, was it exciting! Everyone must really love me because they even gave me all kinds of new toys, books, and clothes! I'm so excited that I'm even wearing a long sleeved jacket, with the hood up, in the middle of a south Texas summer! Have I gone crazy mad?!

Anyway, be sure to keep tuned to my blog, right here. Not only is it the bestest blog around, but you'll get to see some great photos of me at my birthday party. A few were taken by my Daddy, but most were taken by my Mama and Daddy's friend, Evan. Thank you, Evan! You're the bestest parents' friend a baby can have!

In case you can't wait to see the bestest baby in the world, check out all of the bestest pictures you have ever seen in my new Picasa Web Album at 1st Birthday.

I just had to say bestest one more time.

Have a great day!


Have the bestest day ever!


Grandma Stavenger said...

Happy birthday to the world's most precious granddaughter!!

Mandie said...

Happy birthday sweet Meredith!