Monday, February 28, 2011

I Want to MOVE

From Emmaline Ruth

I can't seem to get everything coordinated yet, but I really want to be on the move. I've built up my requisite baby rolls, and now I have to work them off. Can you help me learn how to move?

I flap my arms around a lot when my Mama or Daddy holds me, but that doesn't get me anywhere. I kick and squirm when I'm put on the floor, but that hasn't gotten me anywhere either. I sure hope I can get a handle on this moving thing, because I want to go chase my big brother and sister (and dog)!

From Emmaline Ruth

Hey, there's my plug! Maybe I'll start small and move over enough to pick it up?

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Grandma Stavenger said...

Just keep trying, and soon you will be on the move!!