Friday, April 29, 2011


From Columbia Hills State Park

Today we all went on a trip to go for a hike. We went to Columbia Hills State Park. Daddy says it is just a few miles west of Goldendale, WA on the border with Oregon along the Columbia River. The Columbia River makes a gorge through the Cascade Mountains, and that makes it very windy... or at least that is what Mama and Daddy say. So our hike was WINDY!

From Columbia Hills State Park

Here's Meredith standing into the wind, so her hair blows back! Up at the top of the hill we found a nook in the rocks where the wind was blocked. It was the warmest place around!

From Columbia Hills State Park

We learned the name of this volcano today. Daddy says that some of the Cascade Mountains are along the Pacific Ring of Fire (sounds dangerous!). Now I'm having a hard time remembering the name of this one... do you know it? With it being so windy I can hardly hear myself think. Maybe I should put up the hood on my jacket so I can think better without all the noise in my ears. ;)

From Columbia Hills State Park

Along with the hike around Horsethief Butte (that's where the other pictures are from), we went up an old ranch road towards Dalles Mountain (no where near as big as the one I asked about earlier). We didn't hike all the way to the mountain, but did go far enough to see this waterfall. Isn't it great?

Check out a few more pictures from our hike here. Hiking is fun!

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What a gorgeous hike you guys had!!