Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have been working on walking for a little over a month now. I still am just practicing but getting better every day! I am starting to stand on my own for a few seconds here and there. Pretty soon Mama is going to have to chase after me! I also LOVE being put down outside, in stores, during story time at the library, pretty much every where these days. I just want to be down so I can practice walking. I even have gotten in the habit of grabbing onto Mama's fingers before I squirm to be put down so she is sure to know what I want.

Mama decided that I needed some shoes so that I do not scrape up my feet. I own two pair of shoes these days, one pair of sandals and one pair of moccasin type shoes. I wear them both at different times. I mostly wear the sandals though because they seem to go with more of my outfits. I attached pictures of my shoes, of me stealing the shoes while Mama is trying to take pictures of the shoes and of me wearing them! I hope that you get a kick out of my little feet in shoes! hehe a kick... get it...

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