Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Masterpiece

From Theodore Elial 7-9 Months

My Daddy and I have been working for a little while on a new masterpiece that will rival the best composers out there. Mozart didn't start playing until he was three years old. I started when I was just 8 months old -- I figure that gives me a leg up, no? Or is it hands up? ;)

Plus I have huge hands. My Daddy thinks that it could help me play Liszt. Does anyone else agree? I don't even know who that is... it sounds like someone is making a list, but the guy in the red suit came by last month...

From Theodore Elial 7-9 Months

Daddy couldn't put his hands in the right place, so I had to be sure he played the right notes. This is my composition, after all.

From Theodore Elial 7-9 Months


Okay, now let's practice again. It will take a while before it is perfected.

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Grandma Stavenger said...

I would love to hear your first composition!!