Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where have I been??

From Meredith Jane 34-36 Months

It has been over a month since there was a post here. Where have I been??? I must be slacking!

Well here is a new post and picture.

Hmm... now what have I been doing...

I'm doing the normal toddler thing. Running around and having fun. What was the most fun thing, you ask?

Well, I rode the Shamu roller coaster at Sea World yesterday with my Daddy! I liked the first time around the track, but I got scared on the second. That didn't stop me from being adventurous, though! I went climbing through the cargo net tubes around the kids play area all by myself. These aren't just a little bit off the ground... no, they definitely hang 30 feet or more in the air! And I went through them all by myself -- twice! I didn't want to leave to go see the dolphin show, but I went anyway.

Hopefully it doesn't take another month for me to make another post!


Aunt Jennifer said...

wow, 30 ft up! you are so brave! i would never do that! well, maybe i would, but it'd definitely be scary! yikes!

love you oodles!

Grandma Stavenger said...

What a pretty young lady.....sure reminds me of a couple of others I know well (and grew up on me!).