Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where's Theo?!?

From Theodore Elial 4-6 Months

Wait... if you look closely you may be able to see my foot!

Oh There's a better picture of me on Mama's back!
From Theodore Elial 4-6 Months

I overhear many people ask my Mama about our various slings and backpack carriers all the time. Some people think they are great, some people look at us like we have two heads (we do when I am on Mama), and some people are curious.

Here is what I think. They are GREAT! I love being close to my Mama and Daddy. Mama and Daddy like them because they can go wherever they want in them! Plus I really like to fall asleep in them pulled up close to Mama, hearing her heart beat, jostling just a little. It is almost like being back in the womb!

I hear that Mama and Daddy wore Meredith while doing some serious hiking/rock scrambling while in Utah. What a better way to see the world! Sure the stroller is nice, and I get more then enough time in there looking at knees and whatnot. There is something about looking people in the eyes and smiling that I just love! It always seems to make the other person happy too!

Well, I just wanted to share some pictures of me and my Mama and Daddy wearing me because it is something that we enjoy! I hope that I get to be worn as long as Meredith has because there are times where both Meredith and I are each on either Mama's or Daddy's back.

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