Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

From Halloween 2009

What's this big orange thing sitting next to me? It looks like it has a hat on...

Wait! I have a hat on. Why would I be wearing a hat? That doesn't make much sense. The next time my Mama and Daddy are not watching, I'll be sure to take it off. And then keep taking it off, even if they put it back on.

Do you see my sister? She actually got her costume on for Halloween! The day before Mama and Daddy had a party with some of her friends. They all dressed up, but Meredith refused to put anything on. I heard my Daddy didn't like dressing up either when he was little, but he's denying that fact. ;)

While we went around to our neighbors' houses, Meredith kept saying, "trick or treat!" Then she would get some candy. Afterward, she would take some of the candy out of her bucket and say, "trick or treat!" Doesn't she know that it is called candy? How silly...

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