Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hiking in style

From Emmaline Ruth

This weekend, Mama, Daddy, and I went to Holden Village with the youth group from our church. Don't tell Meredith & Theo, because they LOVE Holden. They stayed home with friends (and had a good time too!).

While at Holden, we took a hike. I had to be warm, but I also had to go in style. What do you think of the hat my Mama knitted for me? That's a flower on the side. I loved it. I really liked seeing the waterfall at the end of the hike too!


Grandma Stavenger said...

You definitely went in style!! I imagine you probably got rather spoiled there too!!!!

Aunt Jennifer said...

Super cute! I love your hat, and your sweater, too!

Love you oodles!!

English said...

You look very stylish and very comfy in the mai tei. Wish my little girl got that comfy in ours!!