Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Are you Sure?

That it is safe and okay to walk in this grass? It feels a little wet a dog did not come and pee on it did they?

This morning Mama was killing time before my nap. We went outside to take a few pictures cause Mama is not sure she has enough or wanted to play with the camera or something. We had Pooh out with us but i got tired of rocking when I saw our neighbors dogs. I wanted to take off after them. I got as far as the grass and then stopped. I have walked on grass before but this stuff was WET what is up with that? Mama says it is just dew.


Aunt Jennifer said...

yeah i don't like wet grass either. just make sure you have your shoes on if you see wet grass - that way you don't have to worry about dog pee!

love ya!

Mandie said...

Nathan hates the grass too!! :) Meredith is so cute. :) Love her little legs. :)