Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Can Walk Across a Room!

Well, most of a room anyway. Maybe just half a room. And if you really measured, it might only be 5 or 6 feet. But who's counting anyways? Mama and Daddy now say that I can walk. I'll consider that official enough.

I know this isn't a picture of me walking ... or a video of it, but I thought my Daddy did pretty well on this shot. Just ignore the left over dinner on my face. Next time I'll ask my Mama or Daddy to clean me up better before a photo shoot.

I just want you to focus on my eyes. If you look close enough, you can see that my Daddy is taking the picture! ;)

I thought I would also let you know that I'm starting to warm up to my Daddy. I guess he isn't as bad as I've made him out to be. I even decide to cuddle up against him sometimes while he's holding me. He may be bony, but my chunky monkey physique makes up for it.

I see that it is getting late -- I better get to bed. Talk to you all later!


grandma stavenger said...

Five to six feet walking----great!! And if you look close, I'll bet you can see Meredith in her Daddy's eyes...i.e.I'll bet you're the apple of his eye!!

jennifer said...

yeah, your daddy isn't all that bad. =P you are such a cutie in this picture missy!!

Jessica and Alyssa said...

Five or six feet is amazing! Great job! I love that picture too! I can't believe how many little toothies that you have!

Mandie said...