Monday, July 14, 2008

Look Daddy, One Hand!

While at church yesterday Mama forced me to walk holding onto just one of her hands. After I decided that I would not fall down "the whirling vortex of death"(name that movie quote) I have found my new favorite pass time. Walking holding on to Mama's or Daddy's hand (fingers). This is all I want to these days. I even showed off today and took a few steps for Daddy all by myself. Now I have to work on getting Mama and Daddy to help me walk where I want to go not where they want to go. My favorite destinations are the dog's water bowl and the toilet paper in the bathroom. Well guys I need to get walking again! talk to you soon!


aunt jen said...

just be your cute & charming self miss meredith.... bat those eyelashes & mama and daddy will walk you anywhere. =]

aunt jen said...

... or better yet, ask gwen or gill to help you walk. i'd bet they'd be happy to assist you in walking to their water bowls or to the toilet paper. =]

Becky said...

how flippin' CUTE are you in this picture??????? Oh by the way Miss Meredith it's really fun to pull out all the toilet paper from the roll. Mama & Daddy wouldn't like it though!