Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mama and Daddy!

Pooh and I want to say that Mama and Daddy are the Bestest! They have been married for 5 years. That is a CRAZY long time when I think about it. I mean in 5 years I will be starting kindergarten. I will be walking and talking and learning so much between now and then. Oh geez I got off track again. What was I saying...oh yeah Mama and Daddy, I hope you have a great Anniversary! It must have been the year to get plants because Daddy got Mama roses yesterday (I helped him pick them out) and Mama got Daddy a succulent garden for his desk. I hear I get to stay with Mrs. Amanda tonight so they can go out to dinner without me. I am glad they are going out with out me because last time we went to the Olive Garden I did not like it much. I think it was just too late plus who wanted to have a romantic dinner for Valentine's day anyway? Have a great time tonight Mama and Daddy!


Mandie said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)

Natosha said...

Happy Anniversary. Freddy and I are at our 10 year mark. Wow it really does go fast.