Sunday, December 6, 2009

Early Christmas

From Theodore Elial 7-9 Months

After we went to see Santa Claus, my Grandma Kat, Patoo, and Aunt Katie went back home and had an early Christmas. I even got to open up presents! Not to mention try to eat the wrapping paper :)

Thank you for coming down to see me and thank you for all of the great presents!

From Theodore Elial 7-9 Months

Wait, so I'm not supposed to eat the paper?


Anonymous said...

ah, well, i don't think eating the wrapping paper tastes so good... but the presents inside are usually much better than the wrapping paper anyways. =)

Grandma Stavenger said...

Your daddy used to find fun in the empty boxes, even his empty toy box....wasn't always thrilled with the actual toy/whatever was in the package.