Friday, December 4, 2009

One Pony Tail

From Meredith Jane 25-27 Months

From Meredith Jane 25-27 Months

My hair has gotten SO LONG! i can not put it up in one pony tail!

Oh Mama says sorry we have not posted in so long things have been happening so fast! I have been helping Mama and daddy get ready for Christmas. The tree is up, some of the presents are wrapped. Mama and daddy have been working on things i am not allowed to share here.

Tomorrow i go and see the big man himself! i think this year i might let Theo see him without me!

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Anonymous said...

you are beautiful missy! i love your ponytail! and your earrings are cute, too. =)

say hello to santa tomorrow. at least that's who i assume you are referring to when you say "the big guy." tell him your aunt jennifer wants a pet doggie for christmas. =)

love you oooooooooooooodles.